1. To earn points, you must present your 24-7 Rewards card each time you make a purchase.
2. If you forget your card, save your receipt and present it the next time you visit. Your account will be credited at that time.
3. 24-7 Rewards members must keep their personal information file up to date by reporting any changes in name, address, etc. to our store.
4. Your 24-7 Rewards card is not a charge card.
5. Members of 24-7 Rewards will be awarded one point for each dollar spent on the purchase of all merchandise.
6. 24-7 Rewards card have no cash value.
7. Certificates will be automatically printed once a member qualifies and expire 60 days after date of issue.
8. There will be no cash refund and no points earned when redeeming 24-7 Rewards certificates.
9. Members earn points when they purchase store gift certificates, however, points are not issued when the gift certificate is redeemed.
10. 24-7 Rewards cards and certificates are nontransferable. Lost/stolen or additional cards will be issued for $5.00 each. Lost/stolen certificates will not be replaced.
11. Earned points will be carried over annually. You never lose a point in 24-7 Rewards.
12. Store employees, corporations, and institutional accounts are not eligible for memberships.
13. 24-7 Rewards will not sell or rent your name, address, or personal information, to any other company or organization.
14. 24-7 Bait & Tackle can cancel 24-7 Rewards at any time.
15. 24-7 Bait & Tackle, at its sole discretion, can select the merchandise included in this program, without notice to members.
16. Visit our website at: www.myrepeatrewards.com to view current point balance, recents purchases, certificates issued, and redeemed.